Digitize, control and report your brand standards, compliances, regulations and more. You’ve got heaps of paperwork we are here to simplify it.

Digitize Compliances

You've got compliance we have digital technology. Digitize your Compliance Due Diligence, Compliance Checklist, Internal Brand Standards, Non Legal Compliance etc. etc.

Control Compliance

Track and regulate workflows. Stay on top of alerts and share it with other team members and users. Sang those escalations at the right time. Have your very own compliance calendar.

Report Compliance

Customized user specific dashboards. Programmable multi level reporting. Auditors room for well.... auditing.

The holistic solution

  • Process & Tools

    Designed by Legal and Compliance experts

  • Central Repository

    For all Compliances / standards (Both Technology & Operational)

  • Real time

    Input of activities by users or external contractors

  • Automated Alerts

    For due date and escalation & flagging of non-compliances

  • Compliance Dashboards

    User friendly and user specific

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