About Us

Meet the team

Meet the people behind the scenes – these guys are fanatically devoted towards solving business problems with technology. These motivated individuals are continuously campaigning to bring your ideas to life.

Ashish Mahal

CEO & Founder

15+ years of regional experience in technology management, Program Management, Digital transformations and implementing financial technologies for Banks

Puja sharma

Business Director

18+ years experience in the hospitality industry with comprehensive knowledge in IT projects and deployment.

Atul Agarwal


15+ years experience running e-commerce businesses & portals. He is the founder of a successful Indian startup www.teesort.com

About Fifth&Tech

Founded in 2018, with a vision to focus on digitizing the B2B Value chain, Fifth&Tech has established its niche through solutions that move companies into digital space & help reduce operating costs.

Across its 5 business verticals “FinTech”, “CloudTech”, “DigitalTech”, “Hospitality Solutions” & “Business Development Solutions”, Fifth&Tech is working to positively contribute to the growth of the economic building blocks i.e. the SMEs / SMBs by providing efficient & effective solutions on a SaaS model, with zero / minimal upfront investments.

We strongly believe that SMEs/SMBs are critical for the growth of GDP of any country and as a company, strive to help SMEs grow by helping them to be lean and digital. Our team has a collective regional experience in technology and digitization of over 4 decades. Contact us to know how we can help your business become more efficient, lean and generate new opportunities of growth.