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'Hospitality Solutions' are here to stay

Smart / Digital hospitality market is forecast to reach USD 44.38 Billion by 2026. Chatbots and virtual assistants are gaining tremendous interest. By 2021, 15% of all customer service interactions will be completely handled by AI


Virtual Assistants & Chatbots

In conjunction with the leading chatbot platform - ENGATI, Fifth&Tech introduces the next phase in AI technology which is simple and adaptable to SME's and large corporations.
Virtual enterprise assistants (VEAs) — Conversational interfaces for employees to simplify their access and engagement with the enterprise and its systems.
Virtual personal assistants (VPAs) — Generalist assistants for users that broker first-, second- or third-party services and knowledge, commonly deployed on consumer or dedicated devices.
Virtual customer assistants (VCAs) — Automation of call-center-operated chat or even voice-based communication, commonly includes escalation mechanisms for humans to take over the chat.


Digitize & Comply to Brand Standards

Fifth&Tech, in partnership with PROIND, has designed and launched one of a kind platform that brings together your applicable standards, guidelines, compliance and regulations. PROComply - is a multi user platform that digitizes, controls and reports non-complianceand much more. It simplifies and reduces your paperwork.

Primarily meant for Hospitality brands - it completely eliminates the need to manually document, maintain, report and ensure compliance of the various brand standards.

Hospitality - Consulting

Let us help you through the journey of adopting Hospitality automation and manage your new initiatives. Fifth&Tech's senior team works hand-on with Hotels across these areas of core expertise
- Brand Standards - Define, Review and Digitize
- Digital Transformation strategies
- Technical Drawing Reviews
- Project Manage new hotel openings and refurbishments

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